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“To Steki ston Afro” is a family-run business that began its successful run in 2005, in the beautiful Greek co-capital of Thessaloniki. The owner’s goal was to create a restaurant with high quality food, fresh fish and a taste of sea which, apart from being his passion, was also missing from the area. In 2012, aiming to continuous improvement and evolution, a big change was made in the brand’s name and thus signaled a new, even better, beginning. The owner himself or the other family members are always there to welcome customers and provide the best possible service, always in a relaxed, friendly mood and with a genuine smile. Our “hangout” is open to all, offering a warm, family environment. We’re looking forward to having you!

We are open from 12:00 noon to 11:30 at night, weekdays and weekends, while on some Fridays and Saturdays, there is a live music program for a classic fun experience that will accompany your meal in the most beautiful way.


To Steki Ston Afro, is a restaurant with a neat, polished environment and a very quiet, family oriented and friendly atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Α beautiful, stone-built fireplace dominates its center, offering warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. We are set amidst lush surroundings, overlooking the beautiful Agion Panton, and during the summer months you can enjoy delicious meals at our outdoor space.
Our restaurant focuses on traditional, Mediterranean cuisine with a special love for fresh fish and seafood. We use only the purest and most carefully selected products to create the most delicious homemade dishes, all of which are cooked within the hour with no trace of frozen or ready-made food. Our materials are meticulously handpicked and this applies to fish, seafood and meats, which we source from the same butcher we trust for years.


From our seafood dishes, seafood risotto, seafood casserole, dipped in wine cuttlefish and many more, while the appetizers also impress, with fried octopus or saganaki octopus, boiled potato with seafood and fresh zucchini and fries, as well as grilled gourgettes balls. There’s a huge variety of fish that can be cooked in different ways according to your preferences every day. Anchovy, sardine, bluntsnouted mullet, dentex, grouper, gilt head bream, red mullet, white sea bream, and many more can be fried, grilled or made like saganaki with white lemonade sauce, while our traditional fish soup is being served daily. All the fish for our restaurant’s dishes come from our partnership with trusted, local fishermen, to ensure the best quality.


The variety continues in the salads, which include our 2 unique, authentic recipes, with not only salty and unsalted but also handmade oats, such as white tarama – considered to be the best in Thessaloniki -, tzatziki, Agioretic eggplant salad, crab salad and garlic salad.


Finally, to complete the unique tasting experience, there is a wide selection of bottled rosé, red and white wines as well as bulk wine of local origin from Northern Greece. Ouzo and tsipouro are of course not missing from the equation, while we’re always talking about our own, local products.


The welcoming and spacious venue of the restaurant is an ideal choice for any kind of social event. In addition to the a la carte menu we also have set menu suggestions with seafood and meat options, in order for your special moments to be exactly as you wish.



To Steki Ston Afro is set in a beautiful and privileged, lush location in the beautiful Thessaloniki, just 4 kilometers away from White Tower of Thessaloniki. Coming from the ring road you will find us on the route, from the center of Thessaloniki to Pylea and Panorama, at Nikolaou Plastira 66 Street, opposite the old Diaconia Hotel, the Hieratic School and the Agion Panton Church. Access to Steki Ston Afro is also possible by public bus, via lines 11 and 58, which is 4 km away. Coming from the cilty’s center, you will get off at Gefyra or Papanakli stop.






+30 231 032 3379


Nik. Plastira 66, Thessaloniki 542 50


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